The LGBT Chamber of Commerce Foundation Leadership Institute has been created to develop leadership skills for LGBT and ally professionals. The program aims to provide participants with valuable skills and knowledge along with an historical view of the LGBT community and equality movement. Upon completion of the nine-part program, participants will have a well-rounded understanding of the community.


Our Mission

The LGBT Leadership Institute develops emerging leaders in the LGBT community. The program aims to provide historical perspective of the community and the LGBT equality movement, enhance leadership skills, and prepare the next generation of diverse leaders for greater community engagement.

Our Objective

Provide a safe and nurturing environment to develop skills and explore the critical issues facing the LGBT community. Promote networking, dialog, and best practices among leaders from across the community. Encourage participants to apply their talent and skills for the benefit of the LGBT and overall community.

LGBT Leadership Institute Calendar

Session Topics

The LGBT Leadership Institute kick’s off with an orientation session on Friday September 13, 2019.

During this time, participants will meet and discuss their goals and experiences in the community and in business. At the same time, they will learn about the monthly sessions that comprise the LGBT Leadership Institute. In addition to participating in the monthly sessions, each participant will to choose and assist in planning future sessions.

Communications Skills – Friday October 11, 2019

Under the guidance of Dale Holdman, BSN, MA, ACC (Associate Certified Coach), participants will first learn about forms of communications. They will receive the result of their DISC Assessment survey and learn how to work with “Natural and Adaptive Behaviors” for more effective communications. The day will also include a look at, and discussion about, LGBT inclusion in Corporate America as well as the history of National Coming Out Day and other LGBT accomplishments.

About Dale Holdman
Dale is a professional coach with more than 25 years of successful experience in coaching, leadership development and personal growth. He has held many Senior Management Positions in his career. He’s a graduate of Coach Academy International and holds the designation of Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coach Federation. He’s also a Certified Divorce Coach. He holds a B.S. in Nursing from Texas Woman’s University and an M.A. in Organizational Management from Dallas Baptist University.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion – Friday November 8, 2019

Over time, this topic has changed from simply Diversity, to Diversity and Inclusion, and now Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

In this session, participants will explore the meaning of DEI as well as the inequities that surround us every day. Professional experts will discuss issues around transportation, housing, healthcare, and education. A portion of the day is dedicated to the subject of privilege as well as a discussion on DEI topics it he workplace, employee resource/business groups, and collaborative impact leadership.

Business Strategy – Friday December 13, 2019

Entrepreneurship – Friday January 10, 2020

Nonprofit Boards – Friday February 14, 2020

Community Organizing – Friday March 13, 2020

Soft Skills – April 10, 2020

Class Project & Graduation – Friday May 8, 2020

Leadership Institute Application

Please Note: To complete the LGBT Leadership Institute program application, you will be asked to upload a letter of recommendation. You should secure this letter prior to beginning the application. This letter should come from your employer/manager. You may also upload a second letter, however this is purely optional.

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Tuition for this program is $1,500. Tuition must be paid prior to orientation session.

Employer Commitment

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Scholarship Information
A few partial scholarships are available. All scholarship applicants are responsible for at least the first $500. Scholarships are awarded solely on the basis of documented financial need and availability of scholarship dollars. Proof of financial need may be requested.

Scholarship amount requested: $

It is my understanding that LGBT LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE is a learning experience and requires attendance at its monthly meetings. The Get Acquainted Meeting will be held Thursday, August 29, 2010. The Orientation session, which is mandatory, will be September 13, 2010, with subsequent meetings on the second Thursday of each month beginning in October 2019 and continuing through May 2020. Any participant missing any part of either Orientation or more than two sessions (or equivalent hours) will not graduate.

The size and make up of each LGBT LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE CLASS is carefully considered to ensure that it is broad based, representing a variety of professional, economic, social, and ethnic backgrounds. This means that many highly qualified applicants cannot be accepted the first year they apply. We encourage you to re-apply should you not be accepted this year.

I hereby give LGBT Leadership Institute/LGBT Chamber of Commerce Foundation the right to make inquiries regarding the information provided on this application.
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